Hello, Creators. This page exists for you to see all of the achievements you should be unlocking with your projects. In other words, this is the requirements page. These are all the things you have to do to be successful in this project, Creators.

Tutorial Objective Achievements

  • Flowlab account created

  • Flowlab tutorial completed

  • Continued to experiment with the game creation

  • Different games were played

  • Brainstormed ideas and wrote them down 

  • Chose idea for game

Main Objective 2 Achievements

  • Character is created either in photoshop or directly in Flowlab.

  • Other important items and enemies have been created in photoshop or in Flowlab.

  • Main Character can move with either the arrow keys or WASD

  • There is a goal to the game.

    • EX: collect coins, defeat enemies, beat levels, all to save the princess.

    • EX: to be the best basket ball player by beating other basketball players.

  • The controls work

  • There is good usage of sound effects and music.

  • The visuals are strong and are effective.

  • The game is completed.

  • A hyperlink to the game is uploaded to the forum along with a picture of the 3D printed figure and short self reflection.

Main Objective 1 Achievements

  • Concept sketches created for the following items:

    • Main Character​

    • Enemy/Opponent

    • Items

    • Background/Environment

  • The sketches are complete and presentable.

  • Uploaded image(s) of the concept art to the forum in the correct thread. 

  • Describe your concept in detail in the correct forum thread.

Main Objective 3 Achievements

  • Figure is imported into, or created in Tinkercad.

  • Figure is printed

  • Figure is painted and completed

  • The figure is photographed and uploaded to the forum along with a hyperlink to the finished game and a short self reflection on the process.