Main Objective 3

Welcome to the third and final Objective, Creators. As I mentioned in the last Objective, you may work on both Objectives 2 and 3 at the same time. In fact, both of them are web based programs so you can work on both of them at home if you so chose! For this objective, we will be using the 3D printing and modeling program known as Tinkercad. Now, unlike Flowlab where I had you create your own profile, for Tinkercad, you will be using my account. My login information is listed below along with the link to Tinkercad's website. If you have any problems logging in, please let your teacher know immediately and send me an email.


Tinkercad login information: 


password: I<3Videogames

Now, here's the coolest thing ever, are you ready? I found a file conversion site for regular image files to be turned into SVG files, which is one of the three file types that is accepted by Tinkercad if you want to import images! So if you already made your character in photoshop, or if you have a JPG or PNG file of your character, you can convert the file and import it straight into Tinkercad. That link is listed below. 


File conversion website for images (JPG or PNG) to SVG files:

Also, in my tinkercad gallery, you should be able to see a test build I did with a SVG file bitmoji. All I did was click create a new design, import, and then selected the file that I had converted. 

NOTE: you do not have to use the file converter if you do not want to and you may chose to build your figure from scratch in tinkercad.


As always, let someone know if you are having issues using the converter or tinkercad. 

There's more! Once you have your figures built how you want to in tinkercad, it is time to print your figures. Please note that printing might take a few minutes, especially if there are many figures being sent to the printer at the same time. This is the main reason for doing both Objective 2 and Objective 3 at the same time. If some of you make your figures and print them first, it is less likely to back up the printer.

Almost done, Creators! Once your figure is printed AND your game is created, it is time to paint your figure. Use the acrylic paints provided by your teacher to complete your character. After your figure is painted, take some pictures of it so I can see all of your hard work!

And with that Creators, you are finished with all of your Objectives. Next is uploading all of your hard work to the Creator Forum. Go to the Final Product Category and look at the Final Project post for further instructions.

- The Developer