Tutorial Objective

1)  Click the link above to go to the Flowlab Game Creator website and watch the demonstration video on the home screen.

2)  Create a free account. The free account lets you make three games, so if you want to use Flowlab in the future, you can.

3)  Follow the onsite tutorial for making a basic game.

4)  Keep messing around with your tutorial game to figure out everything that you can do. Try uploading some images, changing the movement, adding more roadblocks, and even creating some enemies!

5)  After you have tried the mechanics for yourself, go to the Games tab in the top left corner of the page. There you will find games made by other creators. Try several different games to get a feel for what Flowlab is capable of. 

6)  Start to brainstorm game concepts that you would be interested in creating. Write a few of your ideas down in a sketchbook or notebook to look at later.


The goal of the tutorial objective is to help you get used to the technology and software that we will be using. Creators, please take full advantage of the tutorial objective so that when you are creating your game you have a better idea of what to do and how to do it. Down below is the link to the Flowlab website and my instructions. Good luck, Creators.
- The Developer